Advanced Biomedical Repair is a leader in service (certifying, calibrating, maintaining and repairing) vital medical equipment for local medical and biomedical establishments, throughout Central and Southern California.

Advanced Biomedical is built on a staff of extremely knowledgeable fully insured, factory and military-trained (CBET) certified technicians with a combined 50+ years of experience. Our technicians have experience in the private industry as well as military experience.

Rey Ruiz (CEO and President of Advanced Biomedical Repair) served his country in the United States Air Force (USAF) as a Biomedical Engineer. After leaving the Air Force, Rey decided to start Advanced Biomedical Repair. Over the years, Rey has put in long hours and hard work to gain knowledge and experience in this growing piece of the medical industry.

Rey has made Advanced Biomedical’s mission to help the local neighborhoods of San Luis Obispo and Atascadero thrive and grow in the medical and ancillary industries.

Advanced Biomedical works to keep equipment at local doctors' offices and hospitals in working order and compliant with state certification requirements.

The company provides services to medical and biomedical establishments throughout California while using only the latest state of the art testing technology.




* Member of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)

Advanced Biomedical is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMIS is a non-profit organization whose charter is to further the adoption of industry standards and provide educational programs on medical instrumentation technology.

AAMI is the primary source of consensus standards, nationally and internationally, for the medical device industry. It is also used for practical information, support, and guidance for healthcare technology and sterilization professionals.

Being the leading source of information on current and new medical technologies and healthcare policy developments contributing to the entire field of biomedical engineering, Advanced Biomedical Repair is so happy to be a member.

To learn more about AAMI, please visit their site here.

* Member of the California Medical Instrument Association (CMIA)

Advanced Biomedical Repair is proud to be a member of the California Medical Instrument Association.

Our involvement with CMIA is directly developing and building a strong community of biomedical/clinical engineering professionals. These professionals contribute to new ideas and provide the best practices at hospitals and care centers across the country.

Advanced Biomedical Repair is so proud to be a member.

To learn more about CMIA, please click here.

* A Proud Member of The Atascadero Chamber of Commerce






*Advanced Biomedical has the most diverse equipment available in Central California. All of our latest equipment is certified and calibrated annually or in intervals per the manufacturer requirements, AAMI, NFPA or Title 22.


• Sales

• Maintenance

• Removal Services

• Responsible Removal and Disposal of Medical Equipment

• Consulting

• Follow Up Services

• JCAHO Inspection Consutling

• Inspections (Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annually and Annually)

Certify, Calibrate, Maintain, and Repair Medical Equipment to FDA and/or Regulatory Governing Standards™